An exclusive program for Butler Manufacturing providing a detailed energy consumption analysis stretched over the life of your new Butler Building.

Total Cost of Ownership

The Insight It Takes to Move Your Business Forward

Expanding your operation goes beyond how much you spend to construct a new facility. What will your building cost to run and maintain? When will equipment need replacing? How can you be sure the choices you make at the planning and construction stage continue to pay off 10, 20, 30 years down the road?

Considering total cost of ownership (TCO) is a good start. This includes thinking through how building decisions today impact your budget in the future, such as:

Compare real numbers to find real total cost of ownership savings

Until now, TCO was difficult to determine. Compiling the data necessary to accurately calculate it was not a feasible possibility, but new technology from Butler changes that. SmartView™ is a cost analysis tool that uses real-world data to estimate TCO and identify alternate building designs with added opportunities for lifetime savings.

By working with a T∙A∙H Construction you’ll be able to request a customized report that calculates TCO estimates.

Make a more informed building decision

SmartView™ creates an energy model of your planned facility and two alternative designs. By drastically streamlining the energy modeling process, SmartView™ generates an accurate energy model with less time and less input data than previously required so you can now make even more educated decisions about your building.

The technology combines basic building specification data with Butler® Guarded Hot Box-tested thermal performance data for Butler assemblies. It draws on the power of the Department of Energy DOE2 analysis software to first estimate energy use throughout the lifetime of the building and then calculate TCO predictions. And SmartView™ goes further than standard energy analysis engines and considers other influences such as cost escalation, inflation, tax incentives, maintenance and replacement.

SmartView™ is just one way The Butler Difference can help you make building decisions that prioritize lifetime savings.