Safety First

Our construction company knows safety

For us, there are two things we value above all. Taking care of our team. And getting the job done.The complete safety of our workers is one of the greatest keys to our success. We’ve invested heavily in it. After all, we’ve had an effective written safety program since the 1970’s, well before it became standard practice for construction companies.

We’ve always held a low safety EMR score. We’ve completed more than one million work hours on job sites without an accident causing lost time. And we’ve been recognized on numerous occasions with safety awards.

T∙A∙H Construction is a Safety Service Company, and we’re always open to sharing our complete safety track record. We have Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP) on our staff who meet rigorous experience and education requirements. Continuous safety training is the key to maintaining our high standards of Safety. Through weekly training our team has access to an online learning center that provides training and preparation for safety certifications.

We've got specialty safety knowledge for specialty construction jobs

Whatever environment we’re in, we know what we’re doing. If our team works in an active manufacturing setting for your build, we structure our work not only to avoid disrupting production, but also to keep both our team and your team safe. We build safely around your active operation. Our safety process starts long before the construction team steps onto the site. We develop our plans and construction program to the best practices in construction in occupied facilities.

If your needs are a renovation of your current facility, our team will walk you through the EPA’s requirements of inspecting your facility for asbestos, lead or a host of other items that will need to be considered to give you the peace of mind that your project will be constructed safely as well as with quality. And a number of our team members have even earned RRP (Renovation, Repair and Painting Program) certification to work with lead.

Safe construction means a better bottom line

Our extensive, thorough safety practices allow us to deliver our work safely and efficiently. Our proven processes mean no slowdowns, so we can keep your project moving as rapidly as possible. No worries. No headaches. No delays. Safety is just one more way we build smart.